Update on CE marking of steel reinforcement

14 September 2015 Return to news articles

CARES has produced an Update on CE marking of steel reinforcement to help designers and consultants understand the relevance of CE marking for steel reinforcement.

Steel reinforcement does not currently require a CE mark as there is currently no harmonised European Standard (hEN). However, it is expected that steel reinforcement will eventually be covered by EN 10080 which is currently at draft stage and is not predicted to facilitate CE marking before 2018 at the earliest.

CE marking is a regulatory mark not a quality mark. For quality assurance, there is the well-established CARES Steel for the Reinforcement of Concrete (SRC) scheme.

The SRC scheme covers all stages in the supply chain from the receipt of raw materials, the manufacture and processing of the steel through to the delivery to the customer. As a product certification scheme, it offers a more robust certification route than CE marking.

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